Whether we buy or rent them, everyone enjoys watching DVDs.  Some of us build libraries.  If you are one of us, you may be interested in how to save money on DVDs. Here are some suggestions.

Where the Bargains are

Now that everyone seems to be buying Blu-ray DVDs, standard definition discs are selling at a premium.  Although high definition Blu-ray discs offer the highest standards in quality, standard definition discs are not that far removed in quality.

Not all standard discs are available in Blu-ray.

If you buy used DVDs, bargains can be found at yard sales, flea markets and junk shops.  Remember that discs with minor abrasions can be cleaned and buffed very easily.  Even used record stores sell new and used DVDs at affordable prices.

Online auction sites and stores probably offer the widest selection of DVDs available anywhere.  Smart collectors keep trolling these sites until they find the best bargains.

Large bookstores offering a selection of films have periodic sales.  Used bookstores now sell used discs at a fraction of their original price.

Be Cautious

Although you are looking for low prices, make sure the DVDs are not damaged.  Even used bookstores and record shops allow you to test the quality of a disc before you make a purchase.  Just because a disc is new and from a reputable distributor, doesn’t mean that it is not flawed. You want quality at a low price.  Don’t settle for a poorly packaged or scratched disc.  A better one will turn up eventually.


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